About This Website

This website is primarily for the use of the beginning bagpipe students of the Miami Valley Pipes and Drums. The "Tutor Exercises" page has videos of the exercises from the tutor book that we use, and the "Tunes" page has videos of the the band's tunes being played on a practice chanter. The band's website has PDF files of the band's music.

Getting Started on the Great Highland Bagpipe

All pipers begin instruction on a practice chanter, an instrument that emulates the finger holes and spacing of the bagpipe chanter. Most students move from the practice chanter to the full pipes after about 12 months of private instruction, although all pipers continue to use practice chanters for much of their practicing. Lessons are given on Tuesday afternoons and evenings at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Dayton, Ohio. The lessons provided by the band are free, with the understanding that students will play in the band when they're ready.